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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The tube is going down the tubes!

1. Reality TV: If there are N reality shows on tv, there are N too many. They specifically appeal to the baser voyeuristic instincts, and "spice" up the show with betrayal, backbiting, infighting... and other wholesome  human traits we want to teach our kids. (not) And they label it.. a competition for money. Yeah right.

2. Franchising TV sitcoms: First, I had to watch the shows. Then I had to watch them on cable during reruns. That's ok. If you're a good show, you get to have an afterlife. But, why oh why.. do I need a CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, CSI: Los Angeles etc. etc.? And I *love* Law&Order. What a great show. But, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order; Criminal Intent (like you'd need one for unintentional crimes) wtf?

TV better get original fast.

3. Journalism on TV has hit rock bottom! Its all shock and titillation here too! Pardon the Interruption: but you guys got to go! O'Reilly factor, Jim Rome, Kudlow & Cramer, Hannity & Colmes, how many pompous windbags can a person take? Even bloody Neil Cavuto has lost my respect. He should've stuck to finance.

There is so much spin on TV, that truth doesn't have a chance to be represented. That's a pockmark on the face of TV journalists everywhere. But I guess its ok to have a big zit if you're getting paid millions...




Thursday, July 22, 2004

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller has officially sold out.

To keep his meal ticket show on CNBC (as right wing as it gets) alive, he's turned into a republican lap dog. I *expect* this stuff from Larry Kudlow: mr.die-hard irrationally biased loyal Republican conservative. Not Dennis...

Dennis used to try to be objective in his opinions. He has now abandoned his integrity.. and lost his soul. The lackluster life-after-SNL seems to have left Dennis a bitter, cynical, old.. yes *old* man.  

He was never super funny, but at least he was hip then. Now he's a mouthpiece spouting Bush koolaid and a little soldier in the war to defeat Kerry.

Very sad...

Hello Bloggers!

I must say, this blogging phenomenon is really taking off. We're all armchair experts on something or the other, aren't we? Welcome to my corner in the blog universe. I promise to keep my notes entertaining. Wish me luck!