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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller has officially sold out.

To keep his meal ticket show on CNBC (as right wing as it gets) alive, he's turned into a republican lap dog. I *expect* this stuff from Larry Kudlow: mr.die-hard irrationally biased loyal Republican conservative. Not Dennis...

Dennis used to try to be objective in his opinions. He has now abandoned his integrity.. and lost his soul. The lackluster life-after-SNL seems to have left Dennis a bitter, cynical, old.. yes *old* man.  

He was never super funny, but at least he was hip then. Now he's a mouthpiece spouting Bush koolaid and a little soldier in the war to defeat Kerry.

Very sad...


At July 22, 2004 at 10:38 PM, Blogger Shrirang Nene said...

Hey, not another political blog... aren't there billion-zillion (as Neha's says it) out there? But that's ok, I am sure you will have a different take on it.

As for Mr. Miller -- I never found him very funny. Once in a while he come's up with "things take make you go hmmm" stuff, but its few and far between. I would like to see some conservative opinions in the media (since the media is littered with the SFO Chronicles and the moveon.orgs and the ACLU types), but sure wish it was somebody other than Mr. Miller. (Or Rush and Hannity for that matter -- somebody who is conservative, not just a Republican party mouthpiece)

Anyway, good luck on this blog. Keep it relevant :)


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