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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The T.O.wel incident

The T.O.wel incident

So yea, it happened on MNF. And the powers that be are guardedly apologizing to prevent this from blowing upfurther. T.O. hasn't, because there's no room in T.O.'s head for good sense. It's all taken up by his ego. Hismelon's gonna burst one day I tell ya..

But there are a slew of pundits on ESPN who are like "whats the fuss all about?" Don't you see much more provocative stuff by cheerleaders and the sexy adshawking merchandise?

They have a point. So do have the people who've shownumbrage. Is it really the right message to send to kids(yea kids watch MNF), that if a slutty desperate housewife offers herself up, you're supposed to go ahead and enjoy? Not exactly, you "the adult" may knowwhat you're doing and have the maturity to think aboutconsequences like a broken marriage and unwanted pregnancy(teenage and otherwise), but the majority of kids who hold T.O. up like he were God, do not.
So let me sum it up for the slow among you. "Its aboutthe kids, and not about YOU. So your adult value system must not apply."

Ignoring things like this is what causes family values to deteriorate. And you cannot get away from the argument by labeling it Puritan or stuck up or prudish, the issue still remains. If you have a teenage daughter and are a responsible father, you would know.
The basic problem is adults treat kids as adults and make judgements about things as if they were. Most of the time, they are not and have a long way to go beforethey are mature enough to handle messages like that. Sheesh,many ADULTS in this country can't get it, and I'm sure areprompted to do stupid things because they saw it onAlly McBeal or Desperate Housewives.

Freudian logic and other pop pyschology pandered onto the masses expounds that if you're confronted by temptation anddo the wrong thing knowingly, it is but natural and so you shouldn't suppress it and so you do the wrong thing and then ignore it and move past it and pretend it never happened. If America truly wants to tackle the issues of broken marriages, kids hating their parents, unwanted pregnancies etc., it needs to take a good hard look at where we've come since the 1950s etc and address things like this head on.

The argument that it happened in the Puritanic days too is moot, since the real point is that it was not considered OKAY then. It should never be considered OKAY.

Therein lies the basis for family values and the reasonwhy this issue is so personal to many people.

ps> Maybe George Bush's moral, religious and self-righteousAmerica won't put up wih this, and hence the public meaculpas.. Okay, I'll stop being Oliver Stone..

pps> And if ABC is really apologizing, why do they keepairing it on all its ESPN channels? They didn't even botherto fuzz up the risque parts! Hypocrisy at its finest.

ppps> Another thing making the self-aggrandizing pundits dowhat they do, is because they can't appear unhip, uncool andun*dangerous*. They're in it for football-fan-adulation, notthe parents. Another case of the self-serving media.

pppps> And Coach Dungy, much as I respect your coaching ability,I disagree with your racial characterization of what happened.I'm not white or black, I'm brown. And part of the reason whythere hasn't been more emancipation, equality etc. etc. is thatblack want to stay black. They dont want to become an equal citizen. They want equal rights and rights to their blackness.Its fine to honor your heritage, but dont walk around bruisingsociety with your black angst and coloring everything whether itmerits it or not. You can't move forward, we can't move forward.

How can I stop viewing you as black if you don't?? I wish the African American collective would get that. And role models like you should get this and step up. Just say you don't want your kids watchin this, isn't that enough?

It should be.


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